North Carolina Lawsuit Forms - Represent Yourself

North Carolina Lawsuit Forms - Represent Yourself


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Affording an attorney might not be possible for everyone.

But it should not stop you from representing yourself competently in court.  Our North Carolina Lawsuit form packages are complete guides with easy to use forms and templates.  They show you how to navigate specific areas of the civil litigation system yourself without an attorney!

Lawsuit Forms

Lawsuitforms.org sells the following forms for use in civil lawsuits in the State of North Carolina.  These forms will show you how to file a lawsuit, how to formally answer a lawsuit filed against you, and help you request evidence from the opposing party in any civil case in North Carolina.

If your forms are not formatted correctly, they may be rejected by the court clerk! Lawsuitforms.org is the only website that offers North Carolina-specific form templates.  Most other websites sell overpriced, poor quality, generic forms that are NOT in compliance with state court rules. 

Note:  It is your responsibility to research the specific facts of your case!  Lawsuitforms.org offers form templates; we do not offer any legal advice and cannot advise you on how to prove your individual claims or defend against specific allegations.

However, we do post articles related to self representation issues from time to  time.