Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

-Who are you?                  

-Hello! My name is Jay and I am an attorney with several years of litigation experience. I handle a wide variety of civil cases, such as negligence, breach of contract, employment issues, and civil rights.

-Why did you create lawsuitforms.org?

-Throughout my years of practice, I have encountered many, many people who really needed legal help, but could not afford an attorney. I wanted to come up with a way to offer these people the help they need, in a manner that was both accessible and affordable. I strongly believe that the law is almost always needlessly complicated. There is no reason a person who hasn’t gone to law school can’t understand legal principles, so long as they are explained in a commonsense manner. 

-Should I really go to court without a lawyer?

-It is always preferable to have a competent lawyer represent you whenever possible. However, the exorbitant cost of legal representation makes that impossible for the vast majority of people who need legal help. The unfortunate reality is that many people who  need legal help simply can’t afford it. Over my career, I have seen many good people with good cases who could not avail themselves of their legal rights due to the simple fact that they could not afford an attorney.

Why should I buy your forms instead of buying from another website?

The vast majority of self-help legal forms available online are of extremely poor quality. They are either ridiculously generic, not designed for any specific state in compliance with their rules of civil procedure (which means they may get rejected when you try to file them), and/or ridiculously expensive.

For example, U.S. Legal Forms (one of the largest providers of legal forms) sells their downloadable forms for $59 each! Often, these are just copies of previously filed documents or are a generic single PDF file that is not designed for use in any particular state.

Lawsuitforms.org offers custom designed forms that were created to comply with each state’s specific rules of civil procedure. Our form packets include a fully customizable MS Word template, a PDF template that can be filled out by hand, a completely filled out sample form, and easy to follow instructions on the basic steps of civil litigation. Unlike some other form providers, all our forms can be used an unlimited number of times. We are confident our forms are the best quality of any you can find online. We fully encourage you to shop around and see for yourselves.

Aren’t there websites that offer legal forms for free?

Yes, there are some forms available for free, depending on where you live and what kind of form you need. However, as with many forms available for purchase, these free forms are often provided without instructions, cannot be edited on a computer, and are not easily adapted to fit specific needs.  Furthermore, it is much more difficult to find free forms for filing a complaint, answer, or request for production of documents.

-Do I need special software to use these forms and guides?

-If you purchase one of our digital form packets, you will receive a download link via email.  In order to view the PDF sample forms and the hand-fill PDF forms, you will need adobe reader (available for free here) or other software capable of reading PDF files.

-To edit forms on your computer you will need word processing software capable of reading MS Word files.  If you do not have Microsoft Word, you should still be able to use the forms just fine, but be aware that some minor formatting differences may occur.


Currently, we offer forms in the following states: 
We also have a form package for filing a civil rights lawsuit in Federal court
More states and forms will be added regularly.  If your state isn't available, check back soon!