California Civil Lawsuit Forms
California Civil Lawsuit Forms
How to File a Lawsuit in California
How to file a lawsuit in California
California Civil Complaint Sample

California Lawsuit Forms

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Affording an attorney might not be possible for everyone.

But it should not stop you from representing yourself competently in court. Our California Lawsuit Form package is a complete guide with easy to use forms and templates. It will show you how to file a lawsuit yourself without an attorney!

If your lawsuit forms are not formatted correctly, they may be rejected by the court clerk! Lawsuitforms.org is the only website that offers state-specific form templates for filing a civil lawsuit. Most other websites sell overpriced, poor quality, generic forms that are NOT in compliance with state court rules.

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California Lawsuit Forms

The California Civil Lawsuit Form package will show you how to file a lawsuit, send and respond to requests for production, introduce exhibits, offer objections, and interview witnesses at a hearing or trial. All without an attorney. Yes, you really can file a lawsuit without a lawyer!

This lawsuit guide is a 100% digital download, available for use immediately after your purchase (an email will be sent to you with a download link and you must have the ability to open MS Word and PDF files to use these forms and guides ). 

The California Civil Lawsuit Guide includes ALL of the following as digital files. No shipping is required.

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How to File a Lawsuit In California
How to file a lawsuit in California

How To File A Lawsuit In California

An instructional booklet that will show you how to sue someone and properly allege your claims by writing, filing, and serving a civil complaint form in California Superior Court. This booklet and accompanying forms have been specifically designed for use in California. It includes:

  • A fully editable MS Word civil lawsuit form template for writing out your civil claims and filing your complaint in California Superior Court (some common civil claims in California include negligence, breach of contract, wrongful termination, discrimination, and defamation).
  • A PDF version of a blank civil complaint form that you can fill out by hand if you do not want to use the MS Word version of the form.
  • A civil complaint form sample that shows you an example of a completely filled out civil claim.
  • Extra pleading pages in case you need more space when using the hand-fill form.
Request for Production of Documents
Request for production of documents

How To Send And Respond To A Request For Production Of Documents In California

After a complaint and answer have been filed, the next step in any civil lawsuit is to request relevant information about the case from the other party. This is primarily done by sending an official Request for Production of Documents (RFP). This instructional booklet will show you how to send and respond to RFPs in California Superior Court. As with the complaint booklet, all these materials have been specifically designed for use in California and include:

  • A fully editable MS Word template for writing a request for production of documents.
  • A fully editable MS Word template for responding to a request for production of documents.
  • PDF versions of both RFP forms that you can fill out by hand if you do not want to use the MS Word version of the forms.
  • A sample of a completely filled out RFP and a response to an RFP.
How to Represent Yourself in Court
Legal Glossary

Tips For Representing Yourself In Court

An easy to follow brochure that will show you how to comport yourself in the courtroom, including guidance on how to act in front of the judge and opposing counsel, how to interview witnesses, how to introduce your exhibits, and how to offer objections to testimony and opposing evidence.

Legal Glossary

A comprehensive legal glossary containing definitions of some of the most common legal terms you are likely to encounter, all written in an easy to understand manner with a minimum of legal jargon.

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sherri dotey
Review Discount

I like the easy conviene of being able to download what ever form i need without the hassel of going to the court to file My claim.

Dr. Kenneth Annan
The information and the procedural templates while very helpful do not give specific instances of...

The court documents together with the procedures for carrying oneself in court are very useful. However presentations of strategies for preparing and conducting one's case in the court system after filing will be most helpful e.g. having filed my case several weeks before without any response from the defense side I discovered I could have asked for a default judgment. Unraveling such procedural maneuvering can be very commendable, in my instance the other side's attorneys continued to ignore me, then I received notification that the assigned judge had set a date to review the court which did not require the participation of either side.

Robin La Due
Very helpful

I filled a lawsuit on my own ( not recommended) and used Lawsuitform as help. Not only looks my filed complaint like my attorney had written it, it was excepted by the court right away .

Jessie Braham
Hand full was very helpful

Handfill form was very gelpful

Patrick Neville
Definitely helpful and worth getting.

Perhaps a bit vague and could have more examples.