Lawsuit Answer Forms

Lawsuit Answer Forms


Lawsuit Answer Forms

Responding to A Civil Complaint

Everyone wants to avoid a lawsuit, but sometimes we are forced to get involved in the civil court system, whether we can afford an attorney or not.  What happens when you get sued, but cannot afford the high cost of an attorney?

With access to free legal services being woefully inadequate, many people have no choice but to represent themselves in court.  Fortunately, this is not nearly as difficult as you may think.  Our forms, templates, and guides will help you file a response to a civil lawsuit on your own!

How Do I Respond To A Civil Lawsuit?

If you have been served with a summons and complaint (referred to as a 'citation' and 'petition' in Texas), you will need to file an answer within the time indicated in the summons (usually around 30 days).  IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT YOU DO NOT IGNORE THE SUMMONS! If you do, a default judgment will likely be entered against you and you will be forced to pay the plaintiff all of the damages they alleged in their complaint, regardless of whether or not they are accurate.
In your answer, you will either admit or deny the specific allegations made against you in the complaint.  You should also lay out any valid affirmative defenses and counterclaims you may have against the plaintiff.

If your lawsuit forms are not formatted correctly, they may be rejected by the court clerk! Lawsuitforms.org is the only website that offers state-specific form templates for responding to a civil lawsuit.  Most other websites sell overpriced, poor quality, generic forms that are NOT in compliance with state court rules. 

After a complaint and answer have been filed, both sides will engage in 'discovery', and obtain all the evidence they need to prove any claim or defense.  After discovery, a trial will be held unless a mutually agreed upon settlement is reached.

Our lawsuit answer forms and guides provide a comprehensive and easy to understand overview of the civil court process for defendants.  While it is impossible to cover every aspect of any specific lawsuit, our products will allow you to plead your defenses, obtain evidence, and competently represent yourself in court.     

Lawsuitforms.org offers comprehensive form packages for answering lawsuits in Florida, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Texas.  Each form package includes instructions, samples, and templates for filing a civil complaint and sending/responding to requests for production.  Click on the form packages below for more information.

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