How to Use Our Legal Forms

  • After your purchase, you will be sent an order confirmation email.  You will also be sent a second email with a link to download your form packet.  Once downloaded, you will need to extract the compressed files (on a PC, simply right click on the file, select 'extract all', and chose the destination folder you wold like to place the files in).
  • These forms require Adobe Reader (or similar software) in order to view and print the PDF files.  Adobe Reader is available for free.  In addition, if you would like to edit the forms on your computer, you will require word processing software capable of reading/editing MS Word files.
  • In addition to easy to follow instructions, each form packet contains a PDF sample of a completely filled out form, an MS Word template for filling out the form on your computer, and a blank PDF form that you can print and fill out by hand if you do not want to use the MS Word template. 
  • The highlighted sections of the MS Word templates denote what sections you will need to edit, adding in the specific facts of your case.  Once you have done so, remove the highlighting, sign the form where required, and your form is ready for printing and filing!
  • Use the provided sample documents for guidance on how to fill in the forms with the facts of your individual case.  In some of the hand fill-able forms you may see a block of text like this:  "[PLAINTIFF] [DEFENDANT]".  In these cases, simply circle the relevant section and/or cross out the term that does not apply to you.
  • If you need extra pages, print a copy of the 'Extra Pleading Pages' PDF and fill it in accordingly.
  • While these forms should work for almost any lawsuit, it is impossible to predict the details of every case.  Do not be afraid to modify these forms accordingly if their format does not precisely fit your particular needs.
  • Thank your for visiting lawsuitforms.org!